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Gain Skills in...

Note Taking

Practice and improve your note taking skills. Learn to listen and take effective notes - a vital skill for success in your English test.

Finding Words Quickly

Finding information quickly is an important skill you need for test success. Build your skills as you practice locating key words in many different texts.

Scanning English text

Need to improve your ability to scan through written English text? You will love our challenging but fun learning tool!

English Comprehension

You may recognise the English words you hear, but do you comprehend what is being said? This tool will sharpen this important skill.

Different English Accents

British, American, Australian, New Zealand, Irish...there are many different English accents! Our Listening tools include all these accents and many more. Improve your ear for accents!

Improve Your Spelling

What are the common words students misspell in their English test? We'll teach you them and help you to remember.

Reading aloud

Out Speaking tools are also designed to help you speak English! You can read aloud and compare your voice to native English speakers reading the same thing!

Improve your Punctuation

Comma, full-stop, colon, you know how and when to use them? You will learn punctuation success!

English Numbers and Figures

English numbers can be tricky. There's a big difference between 17 and 70, but they can sound similar. Our tools will help you identify numbers accurately.

And more!

And many more learning tools to increase your English skills!

... and many more!

We have a wide range of English practice tools, all crafted for one purpose:
to help you succeed in your IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL English examination!


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Scott Jennings B.A., M.Ed.

Scott Jennings

Passionate. Experienced. Helpful.

Scott Jennings specialises in helping people reach their potential. As a professional English language teacher he has developed his highly successful online IELTS preparation course, as well as other ESL programs in High Schools and in Second Language Learning Institutes.
Using a team of native English speakers, professional multimedia and website developers, Scott has created an effective learning experience to prepare you for your TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL English examinations.


It can be a daunting task to prepare yourself for the TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL examinations. It's a mistake to approach these tests your own way, as there are many basic and important skills that are required in order to achieve success. We have designed this website to give you the tools you need to develop the skills for these important life-changing exams.

Start preparing now for your English Test!

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Have you visited our
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Here's what our Students say about Scott's English

All our testimonials are genuine. Thousands of students have improved their scores with our preparation course and learning tools.

Nathallie, Brazil

Nathallie, Brazil

I'm Nathallie and I come from Brazil. I´m almost graduating in Biomedical Sciences and I'll apply for a couple of master degrees in England and Germany next year. When I realised I had to take Academic IELTS, I had only 2 weeks to prepare myself for it, so I called a few places in Brazil and they were all incredibly expensive! Luckily I found Scott's English Success webpage and decided to enroll... Definitely the best choice I made… The webpage shows what is really important for the exam and has some good exercises, so you can practice as much as you want. I felt really confident when I took the exam. So, now I´ve just got my results and found out I got an overall score of 8.5 in Academic IELTS!! I got 7.5 in writing (unfortunately, I miscounted the words in task 2 and wrote less than 250 words… ;-(), 8.5 in reading, 9 in listening and 8 in speaking! Once again, thanks a lot for this amazing service! It´s really worth the investment!

Best regards, Nathallie

Michela, Italy

Michela, Italy

My name is Michela, I come from Italy, and took the IELTS test in Milan. I sat for this exam because I wanted to attend a Master of Translation at an Australian university. When I first started practising for IELTS, my scores were as low as 6 in the listening and reading sections. I knew that a minimum of 7 was required to enrol in an Australian University I had chosen, so I have been practising hard every single day for one and a half months.

Well, thanks to your ‘fantabulous’ website I achieved an amazing overall band of 8.5! In particular: Listening 9.0; Reading: 9.0; Writing: 7.5; and Speaking: 8.0

You really helped me a lot with your classrooms and exercises. I felt confident from the beginning of the test - when I sat for the exam I knew exactly what to expect and how to manage my time.

For example, during the listening section, when the recorded voice said: 'And now you will have some time to review your answers', I knew that I should not do that, but read ahead instead. I noticed that some candidates were actually reviewing their answers then, and I caught myself thinking: 'No, what are you doing? Don't do that! It's just a waste of time!' With this incredible score I would be potentially able to apply at any University in the world! Thank you once again. We have done a great job together!! Michela, Italy

Dr Ashutosh, Mumbai, India

Dr Ashutosh, Mumbai, India

I am Dr Ashutosh a spine surgeon from Mumbai, India. My (IELTS) score was 8.0 and I will be studying in Sydney, Australia. I had a 2 year spine surgery fellowship offer at Sydney, Australia....they told me that I had to clear IELTS with a minimum score of 7.0 in each section. I had only 1 month to clear the test and get the result... One of my friends suggested (that I) join the Scotts online course to ensure success.

Over the next 15 days... I meticulously practised the Scott’s course material. I worked hard on my weakness - reading which I initially could not complete in 1 hour. With attention to every detailed instruction given in the course, I could confidently appear for the test and come out with flying colours. I scored an amazing 8.5 in reading section which was my worst fear before starting the Scotts practice course... I attribute my success totally to Scott’s English Success and would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to appear for IELTS... thanks Scott’s English Success for the wonderful online course. Keep up the good work!!

Christian, Munich

Christian, Munich

My name is Christian and I was born and live in Munich, which is from my point of view one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Currently I am working for a German automobile company in Munich. I scored 8.0 overall and will be studying at the Technical University of Munich - Master of Automotive Software Engineering. My hobbies are sports, especially biking, rollerblading and skiing. Thanks to this web course I had the chance to intensively practice during the very short time I had for preparation (only 3 days). I had to take the test in order to be able to enroll at the university for a master of Automotive Software Engineering. The minimum band score I needed to achieve was 6.0. Thank you very much Scott. Christian

Priscila, Brazil

Priscila, Brazil

Thank you for all your support!!! Priscila from Brazil and my band score was 7.5. I am looking forward to moving to Australia, that´s why I sat the test. My hobbies: I love to spend some time with my family, eating out or going to the beach, I also love to read and write stories, listen to music and sleep.

I want to thank all your team for the help, support, orientations I had. On the day of the test, I had no surprises, I felt very confident and happy with the results! My family and I want to move to Australia and I really needed a good result on this test! Thanks again for helping us reach our goal!! Thanks, Priscila

Rami, Saudi Arabia

Rami, Saudi Arabia

My name is Rami and here are my scores: Overall 8 (Listening: 8.5, Reading: 9, Speaking: 7, Writing: 7)... I took the IELTS for immigration purposes. I am Lebanese currently residing in Saudi Arabia.

While many of us know the English language, the IELTS does not test for your English language skills only. It tests your ability to respond quickly and answer the questions smartly under a limited time and exam conditions. With Scott's English I was familiar with the IELTS test format and as soon I was handed the test paper, I was ready to go. The exam was quite familiar, and did not encounter any surprises. Scott's English pin-pointed exactly what to expect at the IELTS and how to tackle the four modules. With my busy working schedule I was barely able to accommodate any studying time but Scott's English covers all the important points to score well on the exam and did not require too much effort, everything on the website is there for you! Regards, Rami

Ajmal, Kuwait

Ajmal, Kuwait

This web site ( is of great help to those who don’t have much time and want to do the preparation at the comfort of sitting home whenever they want. Thank you so much for making it so easy for all the people like me who want to go for IELTS. My name is Ajmal, I am from Kuwait, working as an IT Professional. It’s hard for me to extract time to go to the training centre every day. I only prepared for a week or even less but the tips and tricks for the exams that ScottsEnglish is offering are rare to find. I have scored the IELTS band score of 6 (L:6,W:6.5,R:5,S:6.5). I have plans to study in UK and ScottsEnglish made this possible for me to apply in the UK's best universities. I would highly recommend this web site to all people even those who have already had training for IELTS. Thanks again and God bless you. Ajmal

Qazafi, Pakistan

Qazafi, Pakistan

Thanks a lot…I am working in UAE, in a bank and I belong to Pakistan, my native language is Urdu. I really found your website very helpful because I registered on 11th and 30th was my exam date. I am looking to migrate to Canada so they told me I must sit the IELTS exam. Due to my very tight work schedule I hardly got the time for preparation. Twice i went through your all lessons and took few practice tests. And today i got my results which is a band score of 6.5, and this much was required for me to apply for immigration. Thanks a lot once again because the study material available at your website is really very helpful and the most impressive is Resource Library. In future I will recommend your website to a lot of my friends and I am sure it will be very helpful for them also. Thanks, Qazafi

Caterina, Sardinia, Italy

Caterina, Sardinia, Italy

Dear Scott, I am a senior student, going to re-qualify at University just before I turn 'twice-twenty'! I come from the beautiful island of Sardinia in Italy! My IELTS Band Score on June 2011: Academic 8.0 overall (8.0 in Listening, Reading and Speaking; 7.0 in Writing)... I have to admit I was skeptical at first, so I did some online research and I was convinced from the positive feedback from other students who successfully passed the Ielts at first attempt with Scotts English Success! As soon as I started applying myself I could see my score getting better and better! Scott, you are right when you insist on PRACTICE MAKES IT PERFECT and BE CONFIDENT…it is absolutely true! I wish you and all students all the best and a great SUCCESS with your IELTS and your life!! Caterina, Sardinia, Italy

Desislava, Bulgaria

Desislava, Bulgaria

My name is Dessy and I come from Bulgaria. I have graduated from the University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria. Now, I want to continue my studies in Germany. In order to study in both German and English, I enrolled in SES three months ago. To tell you the truth, I browsed the whole internet to find better IELTS assistance - no, there wasn't. My IELTS overall band score was 7.5, thanks to your advice and of course my patience and the efforts I put in.

I'd like to take the opportunity to recommend Scott's English Success to all potential IELTS test takers. This is the best way to prepare for the IELTS exam and of course you have to be confident in order to succeed. Thank you, Scott! Now I can start studying in English and German. Desislava

All these testimonials were submitted via our online IELTS preparation website (

With the launch of SEPlus, we have aimed for the same high standards in our tools, and will soon be adding new testimonials.

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